Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pinion Pine Sap

So my Dad wants to sell sap online and i am researching for him to see if there is a market for such a thing. I did not think ther would be but, it turns out there is. As a kid i loved to chew it cause the Ute Indians did, and it tastes good if you can get past the first inital overpowering pine taste, and the fact that it breaks into powder when you first bite it. Then with a little chewing it sort of congels till it is the same consistancy as chewing gum. Turns out that all the Ute skulls they found had all their theeth reguardless of age. The gum is from the Pinion Pine and has antiseptic and antibacterial propertys, as well as the fact that it sticks to everything in your mouth but the teeth toung and gums. So it cleans your mouth better than a toothbrush and toothpaste, and without the abrasive qualitys of toothpaste that shratch the tooth enamel and cause cavitys and of course return dentist visits (damn the ADA). Really, when you go to throw it away you can see the food particals and gunk in the gum ... it works.

No one is selling this product as a mouth clensing gum. However it is being sold as a resin/catylest for incence/spells at hippie/magic online stores, Also Mexican Wood Artists and Furniture Handcrafters use it as a sealant. It is used in non-toxic/organic stains and sealers. And Stic Incince Manufactures use it again as a resin not just in pine scented but widespread as a way to keep it burning.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Chasing Rabbits ?

More remakes and some stuff i just had to hear:

LINK this one is White rabbit as sung by goats

LINK this one can hit notes like RJDio

LINK when i grow up i want to be Judice Preist

LINK crap... KREATOR but no VENOM ?

LINK this is the best of remakes: featuring Dio

LINK sanity?

LINK live diver heh ... this guy getin old?

LINK origanil diver... yes he is (compare)

LINK one of my fave.... rainbow

LINK and lastly but not forgotin.... EGYPT

OH Wait LINK almost forgot the last in line what was i thinking

well that concludes todays lesson... next week: German metal.


Try to listen to the last 4 min. of this song

click here to load it

i think it must be a remake, but a must hear for VENOM fans


wow i can see half my town from this cam
it sits atop the Colimbia River Maritime Museium... and if i could get it to look at my house id take a picture of me mooning it and post it here... but alas the CRMM is just thru the hill from me. anyhow it is a fun site, once there just click on live web cam link, you got to have java... but you can controle the cam and zoom. well cilck HERE to see and mess with cam