Thursday, June 01, 2006


wow i can see half my town from this cam
it sits atop the Colimbia River Maritime Museium... and if i could get it to look at my house id take a picture of me mooning it and post it here... but alas the CRMM is just thru the hill from me. anyhow it is a fun site, once there just click on live web cam link, you got to have java... but you can controle the cam and zoom. well cilck HERE to see and mess with cam


Blogger ][-][ELLSAXE said...

ok, i don't usually comment on my own postes ... but this is funny. there is a business called Raymond James Financial, it is here in Astoria, and i am waiting for my turn to control the WebCam (there is a line an each person gets 3 min. usually no one is in the line) and the person in line in front of me is in RJF and has the cam focused on him self... he jumps up from his computer and frantically waves his arms ... sits down and er focus and zoom or something ... then jumps up and again with the frantic arm waving... so i Google ...finding the number for RJF of Astoria OR, i call... watching him and now in control of cam...

he answers: "Raymond James Financial....."

me:"is that really acceptable office behavior?"


me:"i saw you jumping about like a printer monkey, is this really how you want our clients to think we spend our time and their dollars?"

he:"I didn't th--"

me:"i WILL be putting Steve, you and the rest of the monkeys on report"


me:"well , what do you have to say for yourself?"

he:still afraid i may be someone, but growing suspicious"sir, may i ask who this is"

me:"WHO?(i had to let him off the hook as i knew nothing about his boss or business)... just a random Astorian playing with the WebCam...gatcha"

then we exchanged WebCam stories and had a laugh .... i got a kick

11:01 AM  
Blogger Mel said...

LMAO!!! You, sir, are EVIL.
That is fuckin awesome!!!!!!!!!

12:19 PM  

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